Our Story


Our Story


Elyse'S Attic was born from the dream of a mom wanting to provide her daughters, Elyse Amira and Selyne Rose, with a magical childhood. From the moment Brianna found out she was pregnant, she imagined beautiful dresses, bows, and toys that sparked her girl's imagination, creativity and self expression. 

She was soon underwhelmed by the lack of unique options. This inspired her mission to find the best brands and bring to you a collection of both new and gently used items so that every mom, no matter the budget, could provide their children with good quality and unique items as well. 

(Read Blog for a more detailed read of what inspired Elyse'S Attic)


Elyse'S Attic is divided into five parts:


1) The Boutique: A collection of items from our favorite brands; items you will not find at your common stores or amazon as these are truly one of a kind. In today’s world of generic, mass-produced products, Brianna has carefully chosen businesses who share her same high standard of quality and uniqueness most coming from Europe and other parts of the world. Going through our collection will be a sweet treat as you will discover rare items with a beautiful backstory.


2) The Attic: A collection of Elyse's and Selyne's treasures. Brianna has always taken pride in her daughter's things. The Attic will include well cared for clothing, toys, accessories, books and more.


3) Luxury Clothing Rental: A collection of beautiful dresses that will be available to rent to children in the Phoenix and Scottsdale area.

4) Kindness Box: A box full of magical items that we will be donating to a family anywhere in the world! Elyse'S Attic is always accepting donations (clothing, accessories, toys and books) and suggestions of families who you believe would love one of our boxes. Please send an e-mail to elysesattic@gmail.com for more information and help us bless a family.  

5) The Blog: A little space online where Brianna will share with you parts of her life as a mom in Arizona; here she will share her favorite shops and items that you will be able to buy in the boutique or the attic. 

Elyse'S Attic is brought to you with much love and care. Every item in Elyse'S Attic has been carefully chosen (both new and gently used); when you take home one of our items, know that you are also taking home a beautiful memory or backstory, and we hope that you will now be able to carry on our treasures and create beautiful memories of your own. 

Thank you for being here and being part of this new adventure.